Are You Listening Leeds? Stereo mix and timelapse

Here’s a video of the Are You Listening Leeds? public sound installation that myself, Joshua Sadler and Kristina Diprose worked on earlier this year.

Are You Listening Leeds? was a public soundscape project based in an empty shop unit in Leeds Shopping Plaza in the city centre. It took place on 12th June 2010, with an accompanying window installation running until 29th July 2010.

The idea for the project came about as the result of a discussion about the sounds of city life, whether sounds were afforded the same aesthetic status as visual culture, and how sounds were used and heard in a city. In early 2010, we submitted our proposal to Art in Unusual Spaces, a Leeds City Council project to regenerate empty shop units through art installations.

I worked on the project with Kristina Diprose and Joshua Sadler, devising a 24-hour soundscape of the city reduced to 24 minutes, recording in 24 different locations. We simultaneously projected a 24-hour timelapse of the Leeds skyline, equating with the time of the sounds, to emphasise the multitude of changing sounds in one city.

This is the stereo mix, created by Joshua Sadler, which is similar (but not quite the same) as the surround-sound soundscape.

Thanks are due to first and foremost to Katie Harris, who lent us the Zoom Recorder used for all of the sound capturing, Lumen Arts for the generous camera lending, Jane Earnshaw, Nina Baptiste and all at Armley Mills Industrial Museum for granting permission to use a window for the timelapse, and Yvonne Carmichael and James Hill from Art In Unusual Spaces and Leeds City Council for allowing us to use an empty shop unit.

Here’s some more info about the project.

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