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David Hare Season: Via Dolorosa

David Hare

Originally published on Tuesday 8th Feburary 2011 at http://www.digyorkshire.com/HighlightDetails.aspx?Article=1117

Sir David Hare, one of Britain’s finest playwrights, will be appearing in person to read Via Dolorosa, an account of his trip to Israel and Palestine in 1997. The play explores the landscapes, ideologies and emotions of the region, based on his meetings with 33 people he met during his travels.

The Olivier-winning playwright will be appearing in person as part of the David Hare Season at Sheffield Theatres. A major retrospective, the season will include three of his finest plays: Racing Demon, Plenty and The Breath of Life. Each of these plays will be performed at Sheffield Theatres simultaneously, something unusual for a living playwright.

Via Dolorosa, Latin for ‘the way, full of sorrows’, was Hare’s solo acting debut when he first performed it in 1998. He subsequently received the Drama Desk Award for his outstanding performance, and went on to produce the work for television.

Hare’s work often deals with interesting social matters: he first came to prominence with his 1970 breakthrough play, Slag, a study of teachers and radical feminism. His 1978 play Plenty dealt with post-war disillusion, and Racing Demon touched on gay ordination in the 90s Church of England. Via Dolorosa continues in this tradition, exploring both sides of the conflict, and those who seek religious justification for their extremist actions.

You’ll be able to read reviews from all three David Hare Season plays on digyorkshire.com over the next few weeks.

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