I’ve started writing for a site called Croon.  It’s a really good idea – it aims to fuse the different online aspects of a local music scene (message boards, band websites, ticket outlets, videos and so forth) into one location.  Even more interestingly is the way it’s being launched: in a ‘scene-by-scene’ basis, rather than as a national blanket website.

It begins in September, initially focussing on the West Yorkshire hubs of Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Halifax.  However, founders Matt Sweeney and Vicky Wilson aim to expand it to cover most of northern England within the following months.  Then, the aim is to cover the capital, followed by rest of the country.  It’ll be a national site, but very much rooted in localism.  A good analysis of its structure might be to think of it as a musical Gumtree, or Drowned in Sound with a city-by-city emphasis.   It’s all very exciting stuff.

I’ll be posting things I’ve penned for the site here, along with my other work.  In the meantime, visit, discover more about it, and spread the message!

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