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Music for University of Leeds promotional videos

I was recently asked to write some music for the University of Leeds to use in some promotional videos.  The short videos are designed to allow far-flung former students to ‘revisit’ the campus as it looks now by watching panning shots of different locations on campus.

The Alumni and Development team at the university gave me quite a broad brief, so I went with what I knew best – business funk.

The videos are here – however, they’re all quite short, so I’ve also uploaded the tracks to Soundcloud. Enjoy!


Music section totally revamped

I’ve changed my music section around.

There’s two subcategories that I’ve called ‘music for fun’ and ‘compositions for my degree’.  (This was also fun, too).

So now, I’m hoping things will be both simpler and more informative, as I’ve tried to include a bit of background information about some of the pieces I quite like.

You can now learn out all about why I smashed a piano to pieces and recorded it, discover the academic justification for me recording the vibrations of the Humber Bridge, and read up on all the 20+ samples I made a song from once.


New track ‘September’: Dubwave? Chillstep?

September by Jed Skinner

I’ve made a new track.  I think it’s quite good, and it’s the first one I’ve made for eight months.  I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to make one, but finally it’s done.  The creaking hardware that I use to make this has been stretched to the limit, so I’m sorry there’s not granular synthesis or extremely well-defined LFOs at 63Hz (which rattles your ribcage, apparently).  Nevertheless, I think it’s better than quite a lot of other things I’ve made over the past couple of years.

Fellow weirdos may spot the sounds of a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 in there, and a Prophet 10 too.  Regrettably, they aren’t mine, but taken from free sounds online, but that’s it as far as sampling goes.  Produced in the late 70s and early 80s, they make wonderful sweeping sounds due to their analogue circuitry, and were probably most successfully used by the electronic musicians of that era such as Kraftwerk, Eurythmics, New Order and so on.  I’d love to own one, but they’re ridiculously expensive (about 2 grand) and prone to going out of tune when they get warm.  Also the lack of MIDI means that nowadays modifications have to be done at the back, but I don’t think I could trust myself to so much as look at a Prophet wrong for fear of it falling to pieces.

There’s one.  Nice, aren’t they?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the track, and feel free to share your thoughts if you like.

New mixtape: The Winter Blues Beater

It’s been a while, but I’ve made a new mixtape!  Why? Well…we’re all skint/out of work/in debt.  And it still isn’t warm enough yet.  So I made this – The Winter Blues Beater Mixtape!  Listen and you’ll find some gems from Nigeria, Ghana, Cuba, Brazil and Colombia (including the mighty Martina Camargo, a real favourite in my Colombian drumming band, Tambores Lejanos).

Enjoy – and if you liked it, please let me know by leaving a comment!  I plan to arrange some live gigs really soon, so watch this space.

Muchos besitos!

The Winter Blues Beater Mixtape by Jed Skinner (productions)


1. Tony Grey Super 7 – Yem Efe
2. Seguida – Love Is
3. Max B. – Bananaticoco
4.Afrosound – Caliventura
5.Wganda Kenya – Fiebre De Lepra
6.Manteca – Abacua
7.Martina Camargo – El Playón de Santa Rosa
8.Banda Black Rio – Gafieira Universal
9.Orquestra E Côro – Kriola
10.Orlandivo – Onde Anda O Meu Amor
11.Teo – Adeu Ceara
12.Jorge Ben – Comanche
13.Gang do Tagarela – Melo da Tagarela
14.Ofo The Black Company – Egwu Aja