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First Croon piece: British Wildlife 5.5 preview

My first Croon piece was published last week –  a preview of British Wildlife 5.5, an all-day event at The Brudenell Social Club.  It is, obviously, a little out of date now (it happened on 18 June), but here it is nevertheless.

Originally published on Friday 17 June 2011 at

You know it’s going to be a good gig when the official website describes it in terms of fruit and toothpaste. “When you want apples, you go the greengrocer. When you want toothpaste, you go to the chemist. When you want a full day’s worth of some of the most interesting underground noise-rock and experimental music, you go to British Wildlife”.

Kicking off this Saturday 18th June, British Wildlife 5.5 is the latest incarnation of one of the most exciting music events in Yorkshire. Forget Leeds Festival and the £4-a-pint tepid lager. British Wildlife follows in a rich tradition of homegrown DIY events, and over the past five years has been treating discerning music fans to wonderful new noise from around the world.

In March this year came the British Wildlife 5 weekend. Standing out among the many artists were the incredible Three Trapped Tigers: imagine the essence of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher being forced through three amazing musicians. The whole weekend cost a fraction over a tenner, with around 30 bands performing in a host of reasonably-priced drinking holes for that money.

For 5.5, there’s just one venue – the Brudenell Social Club. A legendary location, it’s pretty much the place to go for anybody wanting to experience the freshest live music in Leeds. The line-up: artists with impressive names (The Hills Have Riffs, Guns or Knives), and, overall, a pervading air of experimentalism. The Trumpets of Death, for instance, are not so much a conventional band as an experience. Yet they nestle comfortably with headliners Silent Front, a trio of extremely heavy riffers from the capital, and solo performances from members of Shield Your Eyes and That Fucking Tank respectively.

Besides the music, there’s some homemade falafel, cake and films, plus the legendary Brude bar prices (£1.80 a pint). For just £5.50, what better way to spend your Saturday?

– Doors at 3pm at The Brudenell Social Club, Queens Road, Hyde Park, Leeds, LS6 1NY. More info: