I am 50% of a band called Galaxians, based in Leeds.  The other 50% of Galaxians is called Matt Woodward.

Together, we perform live dance music using a combination of synthesizers, live drums and programming.


We describe ourselves in a bit more detail like so:

Taking their cues from 80s NY / Chicago labels such as SAM, Are ‘n’ Bee, TRAX, and Sleeping Bag , and producers such as Leroy Burgess and John Morales, Galaxians fuse classic Roland TR analog drum machine sounds with acoustic drums and analog synthesizers played live. Their live shows have earned them a reputation as an exciting and joyous spectacle, with the soulful energy of both the human hand and heart always at the forefront of their live sets.

In October 2012, we released a limited-edition (of 100) record on Stargaze, a new label co-founded by Matt with Jonathan Nash from Cowtown/Hookworms/Nope/Game_Program.  This was a split 12″ with the now sadly-defunct Runners, and was made single of the week by Norman Records.  All copies have now sold out, but I have a picture of one of the records below.  I’m particularly keen on the handmade stamp along the side of the paper sleeve that says ‘Stargaze’.  Nice work, boys.

Click me…

Since then we’ve been playing a whole lot, and in 2013 we went to France, Belgium, Germany and Italy to play shows.  We have some more records coming out on two US labels – Rotating Souls Records based in Atlanta, and Dither Down in Brooklyn, New York – which are scheduled for release at the end of 2013.

Below is an interview with us by The Shepherd blog, filmed in August 2013 after our performance at Beacons Festival in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

There’s much more to read about over at our website at!

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